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Saadhana is a Rashtrotthana Initiative to empower talented, underprivileged girls from Karnataka. It is a platform to enabling learning for the brightest among the needy sections of the society. 30-40 girls, presently studying in Class X are selected through multi-level selection process for Free PU Education along with preparations for competitive exams like NEET / CET / KVPY / IISER etc to get admission into various professional courses.

Saadhana aims at providing opportunities to bright girls from rural background, who otherwise would have dropped out of higher education or settled for available courses. We invite all girls who have aspiration to go for higher studies but are constraint due to economical situation at home.

Examination Centres List - 2019-20

Rashtrotthana Parishat:

Rashtrotthana Parishat is working on various Nation building initiatives since 1965 in the Areas of Jana Jagruti, Jana Seva and Jana Shiksha. Few important projects are listed below:

  1.   Bharata-Bharati series from Rashtrotthana Sahitya: has more than 510 books on eminent personalities of out country.
  2.   Rashtrotthana Blood Bank: Karnataka Government has certified it as Best Blood Bank in the state
  3.   Thalesemia Center: Free Blood and treatment provided to more than 250 children
  4.   Jagrana Prakalpa: Tution Centers and Women empowerment centers in more than 220 Seva Bastis in Bangalore
  5.   Goshala: Go seva and Go Raksha of desi breeds. More than 450 Cows.
  6.   Educational Activities: 66 institutes - Shishu Mandirs, State syllabus schools, CBSE Schools and PU Colleges
  7.   TAPAS: Free program for talented, underprivileged boys to prepare for IIT JEE exam. For more details, please visit www.tapasedu.org

About Saadhana Program:

  1.   Empowering Talented Girls with Economically challenged background.
  2.   PU Science and Preparing for competitive examinations: CET, NEET, KVPY, etc.
  3.   Samagra Vikaas through Panchamikhi Shikshana: Dinacharya based on Yoga, Sports, Music, Bhajans and Bharatiya Sanskar.
  4.   Guidance from Expert Lecturers and Eminent personalities in the field of Medicine, Pure Science (Scientists), Education and Engineering.
  5.   Reaching the Unreached - Selecting the most deserving girls from Rural Karnataka and providing them a platform to achieve their dreams!

How to join RP Saadhana ?

Step : 1

Register for RP Saadhana entrance test with your school or
download the form from the website

Step : 2

Entrance test is conducted on 25th December
every year

Step : 3

Short-listed students will be invited for a one week camp
in Bangalore for final selection

Step : 4

For more information, please call +91 94812 01144 / 94482 84615.


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